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Unzip Your Style

Thank you for visiting clozila.com. Clozila® is a retail clothing store that specializes on sourcing great outfits, fashions, and accessories for its customers. At Clozila®, you always will find great fashions and accessories to “Unzip Your Style” without hurting your pocket during any seasons.

Our mission at Clozila is to accomplish the following 3 things: 

1. Help you, our customer “Unzip Your Style” with great article of clothing and accessories without hurting your pocket.

2. Build and elevate the community in which we do business

  • Elevate our community and empower our youths

3. Empower, and assist children around the world to have a better tomorrow.

  • Aid children around the world with education, health and better living conditions; we donate a portion of our proceeds to a non-profit and a cause worthy organization in our community

Our Core Values






Pay -it-forward


 Meet our founder:

Clozila® was created by our founder, Harold Datus. The idea to establish a business came to mind while he was working as a phone/online support for a well-known Tea company in the U.S. He shared the idea with one of his colleagues and she thought it was a great idea. With the support, love for fashion and unique looks, he decided to launch an online fashion company that specializes in outfitting men, women, and children garments allowing them to “Unzip Your Style” for less. The name Clozila was chosen to represent that individual who loves fashions and has a desire to make a statement and leave a lasting impression when they show up.

Life’s greatest satisfaction lies in helping others.

~Harold Datus~