Thank you for visiting clozila.com. Clozila® is a retail clothing store that specializes in sourcing great outfits, fashions, and accessories for its customers. At Clozilla, you always will find great fashions and accessories to “Unzip Your Style” without hurting your pocket during any seasons.

Our mission at Clozila is to:

Why Clozilla's exist

1. Discover great outfits, styles to “Unzip Your Style”

2. Build and elevate our community

3. Empower, and assist children

How do we accomplish our mission?

1. We source and design great outfits, fashions, and accessories for our customers to “Unzip Your Style” without hurting their pockets during any seasons.

2. Our goal is to build and elevate the community and which we do business; we will create jobs and empower the youths to reach their full potential.

3. Aid children around the world with education, health and better living conditions; we donate a portion of our proceeds to a non-profit and a cause worthy organization in our community

Our Values






Meet our founder:

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