Face masks are usually considered a symbol of a pandemic that can be lurking around the corner. Since everybody likes to do things in their unique way, we find that some people opt for wrapping a stole scarf to cover their face while some people pull their shirt on their noses to protect themselves. The environmental changes have given birth to many allergies that have scared some people to shield themselves. In the current scenario of coronavirus, face masks are of crucial importance. If everyone wears a face mask, the spread of COVID-19 can be mitigated, stated numerous health experts.

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The thing that annoys most people is the simple and dull look of the mask. Since people are now aware of the importance of wearing masks, there is an increase in demand for fashionable face masks. The creative hook and colorful varieties of masks have taken over the market. Ladies particularly like to opt for vibrant colors that can add a feather to a cap; Moreover, most of those masks are too persuasive to resist.

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